All the newspapers, all the weeklies, are all having articles about collectors. It’s a really cheap way of being famous.1 You buy 10 art pieces, spend a few million — I mean, for €1 million, you’re already cheap. For $1 million, you can be very, very famous.2 And for $1 million, you don’t need to buy food anymore, because everyday there are people inviting you for parties. You could nearly survive without money after you spend a million on art. They take care of you. They give you VIP cards and they shuttle you around. And they give you the best champagne, and you get articles in the weeklies and the newspapers in the whole world.3 I mean somebody who knows how to play the violin in an exceptional way would probably not have so much articles in his lifetime.4 It’s a weird world now.

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  3. Conspicuous Consumption []
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