If you make a coffee machine, if you want to invent a new coffee machine, you need to have the feeling with the coffee beans. You need to be a coffee lover in a way. How can you make a good, new coffee machine improvement, improve the coffee machine or the espresso machine if you’re not a coffee lover, if you cannot deal with the coffee beans? And so, of course, I’ve been — on an intuitive level, I’ve learned a lot about shit. I mean, just to make the next machine, I needed to learn. So, I made 10 machines. And when I flashback and I see the first machine, oh God, I learned so much. And I learned a lot about technology, and yeah, lots of stuff, and things there aren’t any books about, like viscosity of shit. I can tell you. I can talk hours about the viscosity, all the stickiness of shit. If you eat chocolate or bread, this will happen.1 It’s like a little science on its own.

  1. Eat The Bread, Special Actors []
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