Growing up with Christianity, you believe it. I mean I had my questions, because there’s something about Christianity that doesn’t allow certain questions to be asked. There’s a faith based belief system.1 I think even in the Jewish religion, you are allowed to ask more questions.2 But I know that in Christianity, there are certain things you just believe it, it happened, it’s in the Bible or whatever the rationale is, kind of that’s how it is.3 And I think that’s where it got a little difficult, because there were these things that didn’t quite make sense. And a lot of Christians who didn’t feel Christian-like, but were very devout in their prayer and…


So, I think with time I did get a little cynical about religion in that way, organized religion. I mean I consider myself a spiritual person, but I’m not very much a follower of one dogma or one type of religion.4

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