My ancestry is really of two mixed kinds.1 One, it was — my first ancestor was Scottish, came over to America in the 1650s. That was on my mother’s people. My father’s people came later in the 19th century, and basically very much what used to be the principal American story came in to the East Coast, landed somewhere in the East Coast, went into the mountains, the Appalachians, went across the mountains, went West and we came into Texas in the 19th century.


So, in a way, my background is about — is partially German, partially Scottish-English, though most of the names on my Anglo side are Scottish, such as Usher, Stuart, Harris, that type — those names.2 Anyway, this is very typical. If you go back over 100 years, this is very typical of the people who settled Texas and the West, who came over the Appalachians, came mostly through the South and ended up here. And then a lot of them didn’t make it here and went onto California.

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