I know a lot of people resent this or say it’s not true, but in my opinion, there is a Texan subculture.1 Just like in Britain, there is a Welsh subculture, there is a Scottish subculture under the British. And I don’t know why, there are many people — and I’m not picking on New York or Chicago, but there are many people in that neck of the woods who are perfectly willing to say that there is a Nigerian subculture or there’s a Mexican subculture or there’s an Amerindian subculture, but they do not want to accept that there is an Old American Frontier subculture. It’s disappeared on the East Coast.


But you see in the State of Massachusetts today — I’m just picking things at random. In the state of Massachusetts today, not one in seven people living in that state are descended from people who colonized that state. They have no feeling for the pilgrims or whatnot, because they have no real connection with them.

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