I’m a conservative cast of mind, in the sense that I believe — and I say I believe, I don’t state it as a fact, that our species, our current species, the Cro-Magnon, or whatever you call it, the homosapiens, though I don’t like sapiens. I don’t think we’re that wise. But the homosapiens has not, in its capabilities, in its basic attitude to things, has not basically changed in over 40,000 years.1


In other words, the so-called cavemen had the same capabilities. Well, they had the same skeleton, same brain size that we have, but we have gotten — we have built a great deal, vast amount of knowledge which we passed on, which is a form of culture. But in other words, I don’t believe in the new man.


Remember the Marxist idea?2 You change the society and you're going to make a new man?3 Fidel Castro broadcast that, Fidel Castro in Cuba. When he first came in some years back, he said — made some comments, he sadly admitted. He said “No, we didn’t create the new man, the old man is still there.” But meaning the old human being.

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