And I think my only real experience of trauma, which for me was — a big event in my life was when my father, who was a motorcycle cop, was run off his bike through a brick wall, and was terribly injured, and spent a very long time, as an invalid to a convalescent, and I guess that was — the older I get, the more significant that period in my life. When I was about five years old, the oldest child in the family, and my mother was pregnant with one of my younger siblings, and for a period there I was a fatherless child, and had that kind of — this is the 60s I guess, there was this kind of felt pressure of somehow being expected to step up to the plate, how a five year old can step up to the — to grow up a little bit and to be responsible and to help care for his mother or to somehow psychically feel that he has to take the responsibility for things. There was a kind of cataclysm in my life, thankfully we all survived, including my father. ((Confinement Pt. 1))


I guess it did leave me with kind of a sensitivity to the trauma of children, the fragility of children, but also the kind of robustness and elasticity of children, all of which comes at a cost. ((Bring Out The Best)) I mean any strength of a person, any courage, comes at a cost to a person, whether you’re a child or an adult. ((Fifth Child Burning))

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