A lot of my images are the concept of the absurd, runs through I think the pictures are black comedy if you want, also black comedy, they’re tragic comedy. My pictures are hopefully never one dimensional, they’re always — hard to put your finger on what the picture is about, they all have multiple meanings, opposite meaning sometimes. So, I guess in a way — I’m really not sure whether in the end of the day, whether Beckett influenced my photography, I really just don’t know.1 Beckett is a way of — you can read books, but it doesn’t mean you can go take pictures.2 So, I really don’t know, if I’d never read Beckett, if I would still be taking the same pictures, because I’m dealing with — I’m obsessed with my own condition, the human condition, so that’s part of my instinct from years ago.


So, maybe that — these books and other authors — but I don’t know if that really had any effect on the pictures I take. I’m dealing with visual reality, that’s the thing, it’s visual. Visual signs assembled, and not written words you see.

  1. Allure Of The Extreme []
  2. Have To Live []
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