So, they send me to various capitals in Europe and America and Japan and everywhere. So, wherever I went, I got full paid pictures printed in Le Monde, Le Figaro, The Times, New York Times, The Guardian, everybody, everywhere, so the government thought, “Boy, this is something.” And then in Paris, the first visitor to my exhibition was Henri Cartier-Bresson.1 So, that’s where I saw a gentleman with a Leica in his hand, his hands behind his back and the camera in his hand looking at my pictures very carefully. So, I watched him for a while and then I went to him. So, I said, “Are you Mr. Bresson?” He said, “Yes. Are you the photographer?” I said, “Yes.” Then on — so, he invited me home and then he introduced me to the photographers like Marc Riboud, Bruno Barbey, everybody who was there, and they looked after me for those seven, eight days that I was in Paris.

  1. Dreaming To Become Chinese, Emotional Wisdom []
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