When Second Life Virtual Reality first became accessible, a friend of mine was working on it, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, who is an interesting kind of engineer, musical engineer, he was working on Second Life, and I then accessed it and went in, and I was — it was a fascinating environment, but I wasn’t too interested in it at the time. But I think that was somewhere around 2000 maybe, the year 2000, somewhere around that time. And then in 2007, I was invited by Bjorn Eriksson to do a piece for the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse. And so, I went into Second Life, and found this group of composers who were working together to create sound in Second Life, and compose with it. And so, I found that pretty fascinating, and I enjoyed the group of composers. And so it was another — it was a community of composers again, and communities interest me.


And so, I wrote a piece for them, which was called The Heart of Tones, and I wanted to have a piece where it had the sound in Second Life, mixing with the sound in real life. So, it was a piece for what I call mixed realities. So, that pieces is still being performed in Second Life by the Avatar Orchestra. And I joined it and began to play with them and play their pieces, as well as mine. And so, that has been a very interesting resource since 2007. And we’ve done many concerts together since then.

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