Yeah, it was a period where I was undergoing — that I could be described as a psychedelic macho.1 And so yeah, before I went on The Tonight Show, and I was in the greeting room, and that was — Johnny Carson had a guest host that night, Orson Bean, who was a raconteur, magician, comedian. And so, he was the one who invited me on, and at one point — we were friends, and so at one point he said to him — we were talking about drugs, and he said “Now, you’ve taken LSD, haven’t you?” And there I was in my head, I was already tripping. So, there was just a flash saying “Oh, does it show?” when he asked me that. But my core reality said to myself “He’s just asking you a general question, you’ve taken LSD, haven’t you?” And I said well, yes. And the audience booed. And then he said “Why do you think the audience booed?” And I said well, they just come here with a — what’s the word, where they already had an opinion about it. And so they were predisposed to being against anybody taking LSD, just from the anti acid propaganda in the mainstream media.

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