That’s what at stake with every sentence you write, how are you right there inside this other soul?1 How are you superimposing yourself and the reader? How are you immersing the reader, so that — I mean, because one of my goals — you always fall short of it, but I’m very idealistic, but one of the goals is to write language that’s so immersive and so dense and precise, that the reader forgets that he’s reading words on a page in a book. You just want to actually put that person in — like reproduce experience, because there’s that proximity to other human souls, because then when you’re in that realm, that’s then when you start activating the most powerful aspects of art, which is namely — one of them being to me like — the most amazing one is recognition. I felt that before. That’s totally true. I’ve never seen anybody put it into words like that immediate sort of wow, I recognize this is true.2

  1. Inside The Soul Of Human Beings []
  2. Speaks On Its Own []
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