In my work, I don’t try and put myself forward as somebody who is right, who knows the answers or who can tell people what to do or — I’m just as conflicted and confounded as everybody else, and I’m just as at fault as everybody else.1 I benefit from this society just like everybody else. I acknowledge that my species has always been a predator to others, and that’s part of who we are, and that’s what nature is all about. But now, it’s kind of off balance.


Like I was reading about Darwin and Wallace, and Darwin’s idea is that — which is the survival of the fittest, so the fittest just sort of go on and evolve, and they can take over the world because they’re better at things.2 But Wallace’s idea was more like well, actually we’re all connected, and if things get out of balance, then there’s going to be a problem. And things are just out of balance now, like they’re just really out of balance.3

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