You cannot be a writer if you are not a reader.1 And by a reader, I don’t mean just reading pulp fiction here and there and so on, no. Soak yourself in philosophy, soak yourself in books on religion, even when you are an agnostic or an atheist. Try to know something about everything, know where you are. Many of the younger people are so hasty, they want to make a name and they want to go to heaven without dying first. This is really what I see, and a couple of them think that the so called relevant literature or litterateur or committed literature, oh, all that is passe, that is gone now. Now we are writing post colonial literature.


I mean, to call Africa post colonial is as self deceptive as to call America post racial. No, we have to be careful the way we use language, because at times we are lead by this precious truth of the kind of words we use, words have consequences. I don’t see our world as post racial yet, just as I don’t see Africa as post colonial. We have to admit the truth of our situation before we can really work towards a solution. Every good doctor knows there is no way you can cure an ailment unless you do a thorough diagnosis of it. Many of the writers of today are not interested in diagnosis, and they are not deep enough.

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