That old man that I owe so much to, that’s my father, who never went to school, but went to the school of the mind. He used to tell us when we were young. He will say life is an interminable journey and that learning never stops. And he used to say the moment somebody stops learning, that moment that person is dead. Oh yeah, this is what I used to hear when I was young, and I tell you it is what I’m experiencing too. I don’t know whether I have ever done a book that satisfies me completely, no. In fact, I was telling a friend two days ago that I was thinking three months ago that this new book of poems I’ve done was ready for publication, but each time I go to it, I feel like changing something and so on. And he said, “Please do it up, old friend, but you have to let go.” Now the older I grow, I have discovered that the more meticulous I have become, and the longer it takes me to write.1

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