Because of my discussion with other children, with Jewish and Christian girls and boys, we were speaking about all these things, and we were not convinced. I didn’t meet a girl who was really, really convinced by the holy books, and we used to laugh about that. And I was amazed why grown up people take these books very serious, or they pray.1 The way my father prayed also was very strange to me, that he prayed and he put his forehead on the floor like a slave. So, it was very humiliating to him. And I was not comfortable when I saw him praying. And also, when I saw people, women and men praying in their church — I used to go to church with my Christian friends, and when they kneeled, when they kneeled — so many of these things, and we were discussing that as children and laughing about that.

  1. Hiding Behind The Clouds, The Mother []
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