I knew it in my body, in my mind, and it was not only me. I think this is not genius. I was maybe more intelligent than the normal girl, but generally children, male and female children, they inherited the human mind, the developed human mind, and many children from my work as a doctor, as a physician, and I was talking to many children all over my — all the years of my life.1 Most children are aware of the injustices in the family, in the street, in the school, but they are afraid to open their mouth.2 That’s the difference. The difference between me and them, they feel the injustices, they feel it, but because of the tradition and the inhibitions, and the conditioning and all that, they cannot speak or they cannot express what they feel.3 But I was lucky, because I loved writing, I had a diary, I kept a diary to myself writing, writing all my feelings. So, writing helped me, helped me a great deal to be aware of what I’m feeling inside myself.4

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