Since a young boy, I have been sort of making — creating music and creating some things.1 My mom and dad had a children’s opera company in the village where we lived.2 And as a young boy, I was already on stage singing and seeing people paint a mountain on a piece of cardboard and suddenly the stage turned into the mountains, and that sort of magic of theater was already discovered quite early on.3 And I always have been a very sort of visual orientated person as well, it’s sort of auditive.


And I guess gradually all these lines came together, and the music started to be more and more visual, I started to write down more and more sort of directional notes in my scores, not only which notes I should play, but also how they should look like on stage, and whether they should freeze movement or playback, all these things that you can’t hear, but can see.4 So, very gradually I started extending my sort of musical vocabulary with the visual layer.

  1. Seized By A Certain Hunger, Tried To Express It []
  2. Replace A Clown, Theater Background, Vernon Lee []
  3. Cup Of Tea Pt. 1 []
  4. D’om Le Vrai Sens, Shocking Experience []
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