Well, I mean there’s sort of the breaking branch, it has become a bit of an icon in my work. It’s almost there in every piece, often as a sample and sometimes, like in One, very visually. And for me, it’s a bit of a cameo that comes back, and it’s also almost a logo of my different layers, the very electric side of breaking a branch, it almost sounds like a spark. And it’s obviously very organic, it’s a very natural thing to do, very sort of rudimental thing to do, to break a branch.1 There’s the aspect of danger, when you hear a breaking branch behind you in a forest, there’s someone that might potentially eat you.


And then there’s the visual aspect of it, a lot — the force that you have to put on the branch, that kind of theatricality of it, and that sort of made me choose to use that symbol in One and in other pieces as a sort of — in yet one snap, almost everything is told.

  1. Summer Cottage []
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