Your heart really — you get wounded in a different sense, in that you see injustice and you see suffering.1 I just came back from Ethiopia, and that’s a whole another story. You see things that most people here are sheltered from. And you try through writing a piece, to bring awareness to people, that there is this issue or to tell someone’s story. I believe in advocacy journalism and immersion journalism, but you can’t fix it all. I think the sex trafficking was the hardest for me, the most — all of it’s been hard. This situation of women in Afghanistan is very hard. When you see these women, pregnant, 40 years old, with her ninth child, walking through miles, in snow, in her little thin slippers, and this look on her face is complete resigned suffering, her strength, it’s a kind of strength. And she’s younger than I am, and I’m like God. And the birthing room, which has nothing in it, but a tin funnel, and no heat. And maybe they give birth at home. So, mortality rate is extremely high.

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