I actually got a degree in college in comparative religions, which led me into the study of mythology and Joseph Campbell, power of myth and these have all been incredibly valuable to my life and to my writing. I studied yoga, and I still do practice yoga.1 It’s sort of an eclectic phase that I have, that’s pulled from lots of different places. I’m a sort of heretical Catholic.2 I mean if they knew what I really believed, I’d be burned alive or something, I don’t know. But I just — and they call these people cafeteria Catholics, I suppose I am. But I also love Buddhism, and I’m interested in everything, but there is a metaphysical underpinning to my work.3 And like I was surprised in reading some Paris Review interviews. I’ve read one of Norman, which were wonderful — I’ve read one of Norman Mailer, to find that he believed in reincarnation. And I learned about reincarnation when I was very young, and I think my mother told me about it. And I immediately thought to myself, yes, that’s absolutely right.


And I’ve had personal subjective experiences that underscore the possibility of reincarnation for me. So, I’ve always been interested in that, always been interested in the genius loci, the spirit of place, the idea that a place can be more haunted than a person, or that haunting isn’t necessarily about ghosts per se, popping out, going “Boo!” Places are imbued with a great deal of like palinsestive historical layers and influences. Objects are the same way. Psychometry is the metaphysical art of reading, an object, holding a watch and seeing exactly who was wearing it and what their story is. And I feel that way, that objects have emotional history and layers and residue. So, that to me is a kind of spirituality, there are layers and thicknesses to life. And that’s why I love libraries and museums. And I love to travel, because I love to go in and out of these kind of realms. And so, to me history and spirituality, it all gets mixed up together.

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