We moved to a consciousness that we don’t even understand.1 What I mean by our consciousness that we don’t understand, we depend on that consciousness. We run up and down the road, that’s all we want to do. Most of the lovers is making love on a cell phone.2 Most of the lovers are getting their loved ones by a laptop or a computer. They are text messaging without even a picture or a profile of who they are messaging to. They’re in a sense a make believe, they’re living in a fantasy that they’ve made for themselves. They’re not living in the reality, they don’t have to, because maybe they had inherited something from their grandparents that’s called money. Maybe they were the inheritors, as one would say the heirs of millions of dollars.3


They may be a billionaire, but they are heirs of this.4 Somebody else earned it, somebody else built New York. Somebody else went out and did all of the hustling and bustling to get out West. Somebody went into those mines and dug and got that gold out of the ground. Somebody went and dug those diamonds out of the ground. Now they’re the inheritors of all this gold, all the diamonds, all the rings and things that’s left behind, that the pawn shops or the antique shops doesn’t get a hold to.

  1. Ubiquitous As The Air, What Goes On In The Brain []
  2. Receiving Vessels []
  3. One Million Dollar []
  4. When A Billionaire Walks Into A Room []
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