And by the time my sisters and brothers started growing up, and they started having their children, and we still mostly been in the Birmingham area, around and about Birmingham. We were a tightly knitted family, so that means we were still all concerned about one thing that would happen to the family. We all would still be coming around our mother at any given time. And momma being the head of the family, and when we see momma cry, when something affects momma, then it was like ripping through the whole family, was being affected. So, my sister Bonnie, her baby, which was a year and about a half years old, and she had an eight year old son, she had let them went and to spend the night with a friend of theirs. And the lady’s house caught on fire, where the lady were gone and the children were there. And the babies got burned up in the house, they couldn’t get them out of the house.1


I did a piece, it’s called “Fifth Child Burning” and it was another niece of mine that had got burned up in a house fire. What I was trying to say with that piece, “Fifth Child Burning”, was sometime we as humans, we leave our children with a responsibility that is too dangerous to leave them with.2

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