I think I can say without being embarrassed about it, that I have lived a good life.1 I have contributed good things, I shared my experiences with both my own people and with the white people, so the two can come together, understand each other, respect each other’s way and become one strong nation, indigenous people of America.2 And that has been my prayer that I’d be in a position to do those good things, bringing the two people together. I have found a good life that I’m in a position to help not only our children, but all the adult Crow Indians as well as other tribes to become good members of the United States and of the human race. And I think I have succeeded in many ways, and now I might say I’m quite happy about that I’m able to do those things, that I have been recognized and I have been awarded various honors, recognition from my own people, President of the United States, President of France.3 The United States Army gave me a bronze star for my services.

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