There’s a road over here, and another one, they’re parallel.1 On this side, it’s the white man’s world. On this side, it’s the Indian’s world. I straddle the two as I go forward taking what’s good from here, leaving the bad, what’s good here, white man’s world, and then all that goes with it. All this makes me a bicultural person.2 It is good to be that way, living in two worlds. It enriches my life. I’m more knowledgeable about the human race, human civilization. Right now, I am now 99 years of age, and all my life I’ve been straddling these two roads, which gave me a broad knowledge of both worlds and civilization throughout time.3

  1. All Happening Parallel []
  2. Most Important Relationship, Two Mixed Kinds []
  3. Opposite Currents []
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