Because I took a lot of risk in that book I thought. Yeah — well, I mean a guy disappears, he can dematerialize. But I mean I think — I mean it was about using power. How do you use power, and what does it portend — of being capable of using magic in a way. I don’t think it really changes anything. And you still have that question of how is it going to be used, for good, or for ill? And he’s trying to steal back a diamond that the government has, and AMO just doesn’t want them to have it — I like that idea. It’s not that they can say the government — no, they’re just not the people that’d be holding this treasure, because they are government, rife with power differentials, and all that stuff.


And so, it ends up in the Mississippi River to be discovered thousands of years later probably in a New Orleans gumbo or something. You can only hope, really. But yeah, that book wore me out. Actually it was the first book I ever wrote. So, it is substantially revised. I don’t know, I just haven’t — in some ways it satisfied me that I had done that, and that sort of reduced my ambition, and adopting a wonderful kid reduced my ambition. And then, in some way I go, you’re kidding, you just lost your nerve, it scared you to death. It did scare me writing Stone Junction. I was scared at times. I was scared for my sanity. So, I’m not sure, but I don’t worry about it anymore. People say, are you ever going to write another book? I say, I don’t know. I tried.

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