My father was recalled to the Korean War after being a bomber pilot in World War II. And he was very reluctant.1 But he did it, and he became an instructor pilot. So, we had to — and they moved the pilots, the instructors, the teachers, from base to base. So, for a while there, we moved a lot every — I think it was every three months. And this is when I was in the second grade, he got recalled, I believe — I can’t really remember exactly if I was ending the first or beginning the second. So, I think it might have been in that summer.


And it was really funny, because I was really into being a cowboy at the time. And our first stop was San Antonio, Texas. And I was convinced I was going to get to see real cowboys. And my parents were trying to disabuse me, and it happened, we drove into Texas on the day that they had the — what was it called, the Fort Worth Round Up. And so, everybody was on horseback, I was going see, I told you guys, it’s just like the real West. And of course, it turned out not to be, but — I think what happens is that you get imposed on yourself quite a bit, traveling, moving like that. You never really get settled anywhere. And because of that, you have to learn to cope, and live in your own head probably more than it’s good for a kid. I did have a brother that was only 18 months younger, and that helped. So, he and I kind of stuck together.

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