My father was a good card player, and my brother was an exceptional card player. And I played a lot of cards with them in the backseat of the cars when we were moving. And I was an adequate card player. I’d certainly never be a great one. Money mattered to me. My brother’s philosophy is the chips are the way you keep track. To me, they were the way that I have another month where I can write. So, I think that prevents you from being a great gambler, that if the money really matters to you.


And I would say I made the ends meet, but that’s because the ends weren’t very far apart. Living at the ranch, I only needed to make $300 a month. And we ran the game. So, that was pretty automatic. And then I went back and looked at the books — I think for me it ended up — I think I averaged winning around $35 a night. But of course, there were weeks where I would go and lose $500. So, it was the only job I’ve ever had, where whether you got paid or not depended on skill and luck. And sometimes your luck ran against you. But in the long run, which any gambler will tell you, I mean even the best pros go broke once or twice a year, that they have backers that know that they’re still sufficient — it’s not a bad investment.

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