Many people would say, I think like me, that Alain has been like the French style of philosophy, how to say, absolutely non-technical philosophy, and not metaphysical philosophy, but kind of a essay about — it’s about everything in a very ordinary language, very elegant, subtle. But more something in a way, in a certain way, I would say literary, but it was not literary or it was not narrative but something like the thinking for good and elegant conversations. But not asking about being — about time and space, and that’s all.1


So, yes, I think that Bergson was the only philosopher taken in the tradition of the great philosophy — Bergson was reading Kant, Descartes and Hegel. And precisely between the two wars, there is something remarkable in France, that is that the writers, the novel writers, people like Gide, Bernanos, all people between novel, poetry and essay like Valery, Valery is a typical French character, I would say. All those people were working in literature in a thinking way. So, it was something with literature opening itself to philosophy, but not exactly philosophy in the conceptual way.2 But maybe it is for that reason, that Sartre in a certain way has been the only one philosopher to be — at the same time I would say French, by writing novel and theater, and German, by writing books of philosophy entirely coming from the German position.

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