A major difference is that children ask very direct questions.1 For example, after my lecture about justice — the first question — and it was a girl. So, first question was which is the moral just, the left or the right?2 Wonderful, because I think many of the other people who were in the audience, maybe could think, oh, what is this, it’s impossible, because it’s a different way of just — no, the answer can be at least — the core of the answer can be as well very direct and simple, because the right is thinking that there is the natural justice. The left is thinking that justice has to be done by us. And that — okay, so it was a very good starting point.


Or in a quite different way, when — a lecture about love, first question, how can we know that these are good people? I don’t know how — it was again a girl, and the meaning was how can I know that it is the right boy? And a very excellent question, because there is no answer, and because you can’t answer — I don’t remember exactly, but I think I answered nobody knows, nobody can know, because if I would know that this girl for me — me being a boy, that this girl is exactly the right girl for me, there would be no place for love.

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