I started to write Corpus, I don’t remember when, but a certain time before my heart transplantation. And at a certain time, I was in a too bad condition for — going away with the writing, so I was in the hospital etcetera, etcetera. And then I had the transplantation, and some time after the transplantation, actually a couple of months later when I was again in the hospital because I did, what is called, a rejection of the transplanted organ, and then — and that needed treatment very strong medicine. And strong, and that was making me nervous. And I wrote with the drugs at the time to finish the book, Corpus, and so I go on with the — I would say, with a certain kind of excitement. And maybe it was a little like writing with — with cocaine or with a drug. It was a drug, it was a drug. In France we say drug only for things like heroin, cocaine etcetera. And you say drugs for medicine. But I felt that it was very convenient for me that — I felt that it was a good mood to write to the body with the body.1

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