Say about 12, 13. At the time I discovered something — it’s very difficult for me to say it is a — it was called in France, a movement. It was an organization of young Catholic people in the school, but it was at this time a whole — many similar organizations, for example, for people in the country, the young farmers, people in the industry, the young workers, and people in the school, young students. And all that was part of something which was called Catholic Action, was the name. So, it was something created even before the Second War. And it was something coming from the leftist Christian people with social idea, and with the idea of doing something in the realm of the ordinary life, something to improve, to improve the way the people was living, was participating — not that much religion, but to make a better world, if you want.1


For example, as a student in the school, the task was for us to think about a better school, which meant at the time a more democratic school, and — I don’t know, that’s all. So, all my youth then was occupied with that, to improve our knowledge in the source of religion, and then we have to study the bible in order to discover what means the interpretation of the holy writing.2 And I think now — I discovered much, much, much later, that maybe it was for me as a starting point for something with philosophy, the possibility of interpreting a text.

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