I’m doctor of philosopher, but I never studied one single day, philosophy, because I was not allowed. In East Germany, I could not come to secondary school. So, I went to such a school run by the church, and I learned Greek very, very good, Latin, and we had also a very good teacher in mathematics, and physics, and computer programming as it was in the ’70s, in the late ’60s and the ’70s was a little bit funny compared to now.


And then I left school with the school examination. But this examination was not — I could not do anything with this examination in East Germany. I was not allowed to go to a university. So, I started to study church music in a school run by the church. But the church at the end also said they do not want to deal with me, and gave me no job. So, I was without any job. And so, I decided to become a composer, because as a composer you have not to have a job.


And only after the unification, I tried to get any paper that I learned something. And it was very difficult. And so, at the end, in 2003, Walter Zimmermann from Berlin who had a friend who is a philosopher, asked if he could help me to get a doctorate. And because I never studied philosophy, I had to pass an examination. And I did this, and then I could start to write my thesis, and one-and-a-half years later, it was finished.1 And so, I am now – I’m doctor of philosophy, but I never studied this.

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