Even as I grew up, I still don’t know what is the reality, what is the real world?1 I can pretend to see what the real world is, what I see on TV, the real world is having a job, it’s having money, it’s having power, it’s having children and so on.2 I don’t know if — I don’t know what is reality, because I just know from the outside what I can see, what I can hear, and how — and the storytelling I can do with what I can see and what I can hear and what I can feel, but perhaps the reality is completely different from what I think it is. So, I think that the questions that you have in childhood are still the same, but personally I don’t have answers to the questions I had when I was a child, and I’m not sure of the answers.3


And it’s still — the feeling of being in a world that has something strange and magic, and impossible to understand is — it is still something strange and magic just to be alive, just to wake up every morning and I am me, I’m not somebody else, you are you.4 And we are — the strange experience of being alive is something that we don’t have any answers. And the question that we have in the childhood about this strange experience of being alive, are still without answers, but the question is still interesting.

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