Well, I was sort of like Ian Ball in Reckless Eyeballing, because he’s a — he’ll do anything to get over, he’s like an opportunist. So, I’ve been playing with the trickster character, and I tried to give some indication, some clues about that in the novel that was playing with the trickster — and also in Juice. The character in Juice is sort of like the same as Ian Ball, someone who’s really ambitious and cuts corners, and who’s sort of like a hypocrite. I mean here’s this guy who maintains that O.J. Simpson is innocent until somebody offers him some money. The idea was that his spouse — he has a weak moment, and he shows — he does a cartoon of O.J. as a horse’s ass, and throws it in the waste basket, and his wife enters it into a contest and he wins. So, that’s his dilemma, whether he should accept the money or defend OJ. I got that idea from an account from Mercer Ellington that Billy Strayhorn threw the composition A-Train in the waste basket, and Mercer Ellington rescued it.

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