What I say is that although the relationship between ethnics on the ground level is not good, that among writers and intellectuals is extremely good. Now, I have read a book, that even through the Nazi terror, the German and Jewish writers were still in correspondence. So, even though, the relationship between Hispanics and Blacks in California is terrible, I mean they still call Jewish black people, that was like a power thing, that was like a lover’s spat in comparison with what’s happening out here.


Where in Compton, California, blacks are being driven out of the projects by Latino gangs. ((Watermarked Pt. 2)) And there’s all this prison strike, which of course took a turn when black people set aside their racial and class differences to participate in this hunger strike and now their retaliation are not not being covered by the progressive news, which is more interested in whether Snowden is enjoying — not Snowden, but the other guy is enjoying the novels in Russia, whatever; Wikileaks. But there’s been a lot of misunderstanding on the ground level between Blacks and Hispanics.


But among the writers, things are harmonious, you could say, relatively speaking. And this comes about because Hispanic and Native American and Asian-American writers were influenced by the Black writers over the 1960s.

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