Well, if you are a child of your time, and even if you are displaced or you place yourself somewhere else, the story that is embedded in your body and your memories do not leave you, you take it with you.1 And so, living in Toronto, I mean, Toronto is, as I always said, the most multicultural city you have. We speak here 150 languages and stuff, and I go through the streets and I see the people waiting for a street car, and they come from Indonesia and they come from whatever, from Portugal, from Italy, from China, and I’m thinking, “Where are their thoughts, the moment they stand in front waiting for the street car?”2 “Are their thoughts here or are their thoughts 8000 kilometers away?” I imagine that in the world, it’s a fascinating thing, and in Toronto, the beautiful thing is people tell their stories often. They often identify themselves by very freely communicating their stories, and I enjoy that. That’s much different than it is in Europe, I think.

  1. Part Of Things, Same Story []
  2. Reality Is Very Strong []
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