You could say it is all a lie.1 No, you can’t say it is all a lie, because everything is materially, physically there. You can immerse yourself in a physical experience. Your whole body, your haptic aspects, your hands can grasp, but you have the smell, you have — your body tells you this is all here and this makes my work very different with stage set and I go to an amazing length to create these objects. I mean I learn techniques of painting like some of them would have a painting in the beginning of the 19th century. So, these objects I did for the Amber project, where — and they had collected little a claw of a cat or a tooth of a child or some spices or whatever and put into this wax piece. I did that in a way it would have been done in 1857, and I got the wood of that time that I needed to build a shelter of that time. I learned how to do the lathe and plaster before lathe and plaster was invented, when it was before then done with collected sticks from the wood and horsehair. So, I do things in a historical way.


And then this speaks on its own. When I did the Wagenbach piece, I boarded up my studio. I bought men’s clothes, even men’s shoes that were too big for my feet. I retreated socially. I became a recluse. My two, at that time, teenage boys, they were completely embarrassed by their mother.2 They didn’t bring friends home anymore, because when I was in the garage, I was basically speaking with this imagined person. My neighbors thought I have a relationship with an older man. It was kind of almost slipping deeply psychologically into someone’s shoes, and out of this position, I created the work. But further then, I stepped out again of this old man’s shoes and it became, in a way, almost I would say, creating his own work by going on eBay and getting all the pictures of his time period that went back to the 1970s, that were in his house. So, it’s not a lie, because the material is all there, you can go through. You can — and yes, it’s a lie how you — the first time experience, because it’s not told to you that’s contemporary artwork.

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