The only use my work has at its base level is to fill a hole in the wall. If you’ve got a hole in the wall, you don’t have to decorate, you can just put my painting over the front of it, there you are, job done, wife never need to know. That’s all the use there is for a painting; no, the only physical use. So, there has to be something else beyond that, so if it’s something that people feel they’re getting from a painting, then I feel I have to give them everything I can into it. I have to work hard, I have to make something, I don’t want to rip people off? And I could sit here and I could — I mean I’ve read more art bollocks than most people would care to entertain. I can feign a sort of a faux expressionistic kind of spew-my-guts-on-the-canvas — well, all of this means that it’s — it’s all bullshit.1


The only artists that can paint or can make work in that nature are very young children who just do it, because they do it. And also perhaps those in institutions, in hospitals who were just — this is for myself; it’s not for anybody else. I don’t want to show it, I just do it, I have to do with it.2 That’s the only expressionist work there is there, but even that is loaded as well, because even those people, when they make something, you make a choice. Every mark you make, you make a choice.3

  1. History Is A Construct []
  2. Shadow Chamber []
  3. Eat The Bread, Love With A Telephone []
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