No, I think I’m just the same. I think you’re the same during your whole life.1 I think I was a romantic, reactionary little girl, because I became to — I belonged, well, to a family that thought a lot of itself or herself, and I think I’m the same.2 But of course, here, as soon as you take care of other people or as soon — you’re called a leftist and you’re called a communist.3 I can guess what people in my social class can say or can do, because more or less they do the same thing. They react in the same way. But for me, what happens with the poor and other people and scientist people I don’t have any connection with, is always very surprising. It’s always a way to learn something that you couldn’t even suspect.

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  2. Cup Of Tea Pt. 2, Eclectic Kind Of Place, Pubic Hair []
  3. Catholic Action, New Man, Norman Gottwald []
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