Well, I met Tom — I think I met him more in New York at Gerde’s Folk City, that kind of thing, which was a place we initially all went to. I remember Tom as a man who was preternaturally almost — he had the aura of someone who stood in the back of a room and was looking at everything, taking in everything. He was very much a man who was attentive to everything that was going on. And he exuded a kind of almost genius that way, as if he had this enormous talent as an observer. And I also — he visited, and I do remember him on a horse that I had. We had a ranch. I was married at the time, we had an 80-acre ranch, and we had some horses and so on.


I remember Tom showing up after taking a horse on down the road. And when he came back, he obviously didn’t feel quite comfortable. And he was sort of slumped over with a kind of a tired look on his face, as much as to say “Well, now that’s over. I’ve done that”. And it was kind of amazing to me. I realized I put him on a horse that probably I might not — would have been better off not putting him on. But he was, and is, an incredibly ambitious man. I think he was the most ambitious of all the writers, and unquestionably the most successful.

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