From my view, I mean, Christianity has been a very, very destructive force, in that it’s kind of enforced the separation of kind of spirit and matter, this transcendent deity, the salvation point mentality. That salvation is somewhere in the distance, the idea that humans are inherently cursed with sin and have an original guilt about their very existence, I think all of that is extremely problematic, and it’s led to a kind of earth denying and earth destroying modern civilization.1


Now, having said that, I also — my optimistic view, which I’ve voiced in all my work up to this point, is that what we’re undergoing is an evolution of consciousness.2 And I would see that the separation from nature or the denigration of the body and the physical and the feminine, that these religions have kind of stamped into the flesh of the multitude, potentially, it was a necessary evolutionary stage, because it allowed — for instance, we needed to get to that level of alienation from nature, so that we could develop science and technology, so we could — as Francis Bacon or somebody said, we can like pry into nature and even torture nature, so that she reveals her secrets.3

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