I get concerned about money. I’ve just been in the midst of funding, and I needed an acting job right now. So, if somebody is listening, call my agent, I need a job. So, I keep my fingers crossed. So, that kind of thing makes me nervous. As far as like I — when I was in my 20s, and I was thinking about acting specifically as opposed to acting and filmmaking, I was very concerned about always making sure I did a good job as an actor, and I still am. There are so many things on your mind, that it’s hard to compartmentalize as much. And I’m much more, in a certain way, just basic realist of like I’m an actor, a hired hand, to be a part of a production. And I want to do a good job, and I want to be easy to work with. I want to do whatever is best to do for the production. That I get nervous about.


I get nervous that people will think I’m going to be a problem, because I’m outspoken and I’ve played eccentric characters, and people confuse me with being that as a human being. But I mean the concision that you have to have for both filmmaking and for touring, being a self distributor, there’s nothing eccentric about it. That is as centric as you can possibly be. So, as a businessperson, I am absolutely 100% centric. As an artist, I want to be able to explore everything and anything, whatever somebody calls weird, crazy, psychotic, whatever, I don’t care. If there’s something of interest to me, I find it interesting. And that I don’t care. It has to interest me.

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