Well, I’m really good friends with Rachel Howard, who’s an abstract painter and shows at BlainSouthern, and Rachel is about the same age as my sister, I think, a little bit younger, and she started collecting some of my work a few years ago, and then we became incredibly good friends, and then I made a move into making more abstract work recently, and she was very supportive of that, and so we have a kind of ongoing dialogue with our work, and also I just — just other artists who I work with — and my gallerist Hannah Watson, who I’ve worked with now for about four or five years, six years, we have a very close relationship, which is really nice, to have a gallerist who understands your work, and I trust completely with my decisions. So, Hannah and I are about the same age, and so, I feel very happy to be working with her as well. And I don’t think that’s very common actually, I mean it’s very important to have a gallerist who I work with, that I’m really comfortable with, because it’s a bit like having some sort of very important relationship.1

  1. Extremely Novel []
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