I think what frustrates me more is this sort of idea of the generic understanding of a continent as big as India, that how — specifically artists from Asia, or India, or China have to be specifically referring to this idea of culture, or nation-state. And it’s sort of that — I think, for me, that’s the most frustrating argument, that I find it — sometimes I don’t really even know what I’m supposed to say, because you know, India is as big as three-half of Europe. It’s a subcontinent. I mean, how does one even begin to think about a country that — to unify, that somebody’s work could perhaps unify a country that has 437 spoken languages, and you know, a population the size of ours.1 And it takes four hours to fly from Delhi to Kochi Kerala down in the south, the same time as it takes you to get from London to Moscow, or a European to get from London to Moscow.


And it’s also such a diverse and such a fascinating country, actually. I think even you could spend your whole life here, and not be able to come to terms, or be able to understand the complexity and the history of this country, actually.

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