Well, we get a lot of bands coming through Brazil, but I miss — it’s nothing like New York. I mean, the amount of music you can hear in New York is incredible. I’m not sure that there’s anything earth shattering happening here right now, but there’s such a — people from all over the world play here, and we get the bigger indie bands come through Brazil, and we get Jazz. I mean I wish we could get more of — I read about Jazz, I go to listen to it online and stuff, and wish we could hear more of that, but of course we have tons of great Brazilian music, all kinds of it.


So, there’s a lot of — there’s always music to hear live and on record. And there’s a great band from Sao Paulo who’s starting to get a lot of international attention, and well deserved. They’re called Meta-Meta, and they actually work with a lot of the same material I work with dissonance, distortion and Afro-Brazilian roots music Candomble, the Brazilian version of the Yoruba religion, that music, the music in ceremonies and stuff.1 So, this group is doing — they’re really good.


And there’s kind of a new improv scene in Rio, which is really cool. Rio and Sao Paulo are interesting. Sao Paulo used to be the avant-garde city, and Rio was the sort of LA of Brazil with the big TV Studios and the movies and the major labels, but somehow Sao Paulo has become more commercial, and there’s this thriving underground scene in Rio now, which is cool, really tiny clubs with different people coming through and playing with the local players and lot of really good young musicians, and just like everywhere, kids come up and they’re familiar with all kinds of music.2

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