The problem with making sculpture is it takes up a fucking lot of room and then what you do with all this stuff?1 And I have this kind of fascination and fear of objects, and I always feel like I have some weird responsibility to an object.2 If somebody gives you something or you have something — I love books and I feel like I need to take care of them. Most of my books are pretty well read, but I don’t know, I have this very odd relationship with material things.


So, initially the part of the curiosity about working with organic or mutable materials was the fact that they were — it was quite theatrical, you go in — it’s an event. You make something for a moment in time, and then at the end of the event, it either gets chopped up — like when I was pouring the lead, it got kind of chopped up and put into builder’s bags, or if its flowers or whatever, it just goes in the dumpster. But like a recipe, like cooking, which is another thing that I really enjoying doing, you have the recipe.


You can always remake it, and in the larger scheme of things of how much money people spend on events, the amount of money that I might spend on flowers or fruit or something is not as much as making crates and putting things in storage for years and years and years.3 So, it was a kind of combination of pragmatic things of like well, I don’t want to — I want to make these things and I don’t want to have to look after them after the fact.

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  2. Dream Of Katrina []
  3. Cloaca []
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