I’m terrified by the natural world. I always think that it’s really funny, I guess, because often I work with kind of natural or kind of organic materials. People think that I’m a nature lover, and I am a nature lover to a certain degree, but I’m kind of terrified and fascinated by it, you cannot get me to go camping.1 But we moved from Scotland when I was quite small, when I was five, to Richmond, which is the west side of London, and we lived in this amazing big Victorian mansion block, a big apartment building, which had this huge garden that we’d share, that went down to — that actually went down to the river. So, we had a lot of freedom as kids to run around and going on our bikes along the towpaths, along the river, Richmond Park was there.2 So, there was a lot of — it wasn’t like being in the countryside, but it was kind of quite wild. I mean it didn’t feel that urban. So, that was kind of my kind of childhood, but it’s — I have a very urban connection, I think, to nature and to kind of landscape.3

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