Why video? Because I was already using photograph before for something else, but moving — my moving in the situation, not called any performance, anything of that sort. And I started making — and I was calling actions. I was so incredibly, how can I say, happy when I got to know the work of Beuys that he called ‘actions’ and I felt all the time that this was excellent. Here, the dictatorship came up to ’82 or ’83, so we were totally isolated from information, and not able to go traveling, not because we’re forbidden.1 In a certain moment, yes, they put some taxes so that you couldn’t go. But also, I wouldn’t receive information from people. We didn’t have email, there was nothing, it’s another thing.


So, the development of my work here was really not “Oh, you invented something.” No, I started — by that time that I started the maps, using the territories, this idea of land, no land. I started — I also was interested, again, the anthropological came to me very strong, but I went through reading someone and I was totally shocked. I said that’s it, but what means history of the religions? But I was really interested in the sense of art.2

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