I’m one of those, I can sit down in 15 minutes, and perhaps God willing, accomplish what you can’t accomplish in two hours. I like to be motivated by inspiration, not by — I got to sit down and I got to write a masterpiece. No. A masterpiece is — we are receiving vessels, and we have to condition ourselves, so we can receive a masterpiece. Like I can’t conceive of me going around and say oh, I got to write a — just like I said, I go in and make a good record, that’s a hit for me. So, I don’t have a routine, where I got to practice 19 hours a day and sleep five, no, or practice six hours or eight hours. That sort of thing, I did a lot of that when I was younger. When I was coming up, I did practice, and I kept the door open thinking that someone would come down and hear me and discover me.1


So, I did a lot of that. I was hoping someone would — anyway, a bit of humor. But I did more of that regimen when I was a kid coming up. But that’s a discipline; reading, writing, arithmetic, those are disciplines that we have to acquire through life. And some of us lose these disciplines because of all the distractions. That’s what you have to be careful of. You have to be careful — you have monumental distractions now with the BlackBerry, the strawberry, the blueberry, the computers, the phones, and this and that.2


So, the quality of life that is dictated to me, is one that is not hampered by all this negativity that’s going on now, distractions. And that’s what the young people have to be aware of, distractions. That’s a terrible thing now. And they’re addictive. This stuff out here now is very addictive. So, my routine is to stay away from addictive behavior. That’s my routine.

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